Book Review: The Body Language of Illness

The Body Language of Illness
By Eleanor Limmer

This book was part of my coursework when I attended the Mt Nittany Institute of Natural Health. Limmer’s book provided exciting validation of an idea that I felt intuitively, but was never quite certain how to grasp. She lucidly describes the connection between physical illness and mental/emotional/spiritual challenges. If attuned to properly, one can interpret the symptoms of the body and use them to grow, thereby resolving both the physical manifestation and its underlying source.

This is a fascinating book that I’ve returned to many times. There are no magical “indexes” that tell you what a headache “equals” in terms of an internal problem, but there are themes that one can use as a starting point. Unless it feels right to you, the connection is not there. It’s not easy to discern, but worth the investigation.


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