Book Review: Kitchen Table Wisdom

Kitchen Table Wisdom – Stories that Heal

By Rachel Naomi, MD

I was introduced to this author through my classwork at the Mt Nittany Institute of Natural Health. In reading these stories, I also learned about the concept of narrative medicine, a growing body of knowledge that seeks to engage with the patient through their own stories about illness and healing.

Naomi is exceptional. Though I prefer structure and clear ideas, she made me realize the value in qualitative sources. These stories are a perfect example of why Jesus used parables to teach – they endure – and they express more than just simple facts. Stories have layers of meaning. Their complexity provides a more comprehensive sense of the person’s illness than a list of symptoms, test results, and x-rays.

I enjoyed this book from the perspective of a reader simply engaged in the short tales, but also because it opened my eyes to the significance of stories in healing.


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