Haiku 2011

In 2011, I began writing a haiku poem each month to intersect my present emotional state with the seasonal changes of the year. Due to the emotional turmoil at the end of the year, this trailed off. Despite this, it was a useful exercise.

I’ve read some truly beautiful haiku that manage to capture both a feeling and a moment in time perfectly. Mine always seem too obvious or too abstract, too cheesy or too forced. Ah well, I’ll keep writing and sharpen my skills…Even if they aren’t beautiful, they help me express a feeling by identifying a metaphor.

No turning back now
You cannot un-realize truth
New year, fresh snow – go

Cover of darkness
Icy layers form a shield

Warmth tentatively
grazes my face, Winds scatter
cool air, uncertain.

water unceasing
wash it away, can’t keep up
No one to hate, love

Senses overwhelmed
Vernal cacophony – stop!
Pause for this moment

Sliver moon soon gone
Clouds obscure, spinning darkness
But you know the way

Should I dance or cry?
Warm rain drops while sun looks on
Bittersweet summer

Deep below the ground
something old and forgotten
is stirring inside


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