Standing Up


When my internal critic’s voice reaches a shrieking pitch and I can’t bear another judgment, sometimes I imagine myself in a fetal position, making my body as small as possible, willing my cells to disappear. As if the silent prayer “sorry sorry sorry” will be enough to make the words stop. They die down, but the pain reverberates through a sudden migraine or wrenching stomach ache. My mind has no defense and so my body must take the beating.

My natural response is to shrink away from the painful words, cowering and apologetic. Just like when I feel the hot sharp pain in my eyes from a migraine. I retreat to a dark bedroom and try to sleep, to feel the heaviness of the drug and let it take me to oblivion.

I think recent efforts to assert myself have intensified the self-criticism. It feels like my internal voice is realizing that I am evolving — and wants to snap me back into the familiar as quickly as possible. The only way to do that is to cripple me with insecurity and depression. Therefore, the words are cutting deeper. They are getting at wounds that hurt most.

I am admittedly very tired. Lately I want to give in, step back and let the hurtful words take over. Writing all this in the drawing above was an effort to get it out of my head, where it has less power. Even though I keep hearing “shut up!” here I am, sharing this, speaking my truth. I might be bruised and wobbly, but I’m standing up.



One thought on “Standing Up

  • Posted on July 4, 2013 at 11:58 am

    I know all those inner critics. They are conceived in the family genes centuries before I came along and needed to experience these. So not only the physical body, but also spiritual energy are given from ancestors. Ancestral chi…..They were nicely ingrained in many different cells. My heart, my lungs , my kidneys, And they are all met to keep me in line with my family values!!!!! well guess what all that stuff is just an energy that can be transform into healing self. Inner Sense energy is neither created or destroyed, we have the power to change these energies………. want to know how to do this?


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