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I’ve begun collecting various resources on the topic of metaphors, particularly related to their role in growth and healing. I’ll add new items as I find them.

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“Barefoot Healing” by Matt Sutherland in the May/April 2011 issue of Spirituality and Health
Fascinating article that describes one man’s realization that the same basic principles of grounding electrical equipment applied to human beings. Our physical connection to the earth, through our bare feet, has the same impact. It reduces the “static” and “interference,” allowing for better sleep, reduction in pain and anxiety. No wonder I feel so rejuvenated when I return from a week at the beach. How often do my bare feet actually touch the ground? More information about “Earthing,” as it’s called, can be found here.

Allow Yourself to Fully Blossom, a blog post by Dr. Michelle May from the Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat website
A beautiful metaphor for revealing (peeling back) our real triggers for overeating, so we can get at the heart of the issue (and fully blossom).

The Power of Metaphors, a blog post by Michael Michalko on Psychology Today website

BURNOUT: Metaphors of Destruction and Purgation from Soundings Journal
Describes the practical uses of metaphor in creativity and problem-solving. It also touches on the often unnoticed effect metaphor can have on our thinking. Discusses the metaphor of burnout and how it can be transformed into a more positive healing experience.
Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Ellen L. Maher
Vol. 72, No. 1 (Spring 1989), pp. 27-37
Published by: Pennsylvania State University Press

Language shapes the way we see things, the way we think about them, and the way we act toward them. Metaphor is an especially powerful form of language, for it involves a straightforward attempt to shape our images of objects and our interpretation of events. A metaphor directs our attention toward certain dimensions of a phenomenon and away from others. If used long enough and widely enough, it comes to define the phenomenon so thoroughly that we are literally unable to see it any other way.

Be Like Water: The Philosophy and Origin of Bruce Lee’s Famous Metaphor for Resilience
A famous metaphor from Bruce Lee described in detail by the fantastic website Brain Pickings.


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