Closer Than They Appear

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Anais Nin

Our brain has thousands of filters, sifting through millions of momentary experiences presented throughout the day.

Our eyes are curators, sorting out what is important, interesting, worthy of memory.

Our ears are conductors, turning up certain sounds, relegating others to the background.

Our body is acutely aware of everything, yet certain experiences seem to escape our consciousness.

What if we could take control of the curators and conductors? Instead of letting them use filters embedded early in our lives, we could choose them carefully, designing perspectives like interchangeable lenses.

A lens of opportunity
A lens of love
A lens of connection
A lens of beauty

What would my day look like, if  my consciousness had a lens of beauty?

When I have a camera in my hand, I find myself more aware of my surroundings, ready for an opportunity. I am framing each scene, giving it attention. I could use this as a starting point. What if I imagined that I have a camera not just for beauty, but also for opportunity, love or connection? Holding this metaphor in my mind, I can heighten my awareness. I will be ready to capture the moment, committing it to memory, acting on it in my life.

Perhaps, if I look through all the lenses simultaneously, I can see everything at once, removing myself from the equation. For now, I will focus on one at a time. Too much escapes my notice with the lenses I have in place.

What lenses do you have? Which ones would you like to create?